Pika-Giblets Brutal Doom, 608 Maps, Co-Op 24/7 [Texas]

Pikachu is going to make you his poke-bitch.

Server IP:

Server News:

07/4/2016 - First opening day.

Level Achievements:

Visit this page to view which levels tha players have already beaten.

Files Needed to Play:

If you don't have Zandronum, and the Brutal Doom mod, you'll need to download those. You can download them all in the below link.
Run doomseeker.exe to launch the server browser. Some settings might need to be configured, like the path to Zandronum.

Additional WAD File Downloads:

The below files are also required to play. They need to be saved into the Zandronum folder. Doomseeker will also automatically download these files as well, if you don't manually download them.

Connecting to the server:

To connect to the server manually, type the following in a command prompt:
  • zandronum.exe -connect -iwad doom2.wad -file d2reload-devster.wad -file mapsofchaos-devster.wad -file cchest1-devster.wad -file cchest2-devster.wad -file mayhem1500-devster.wad -file jenesis-devster.wad -file mm-devster.wad -file mm2-devster.wad -file brutalv20b.pk3 -file devster_survival_20160724.pk3
  • Too much work? Then download a batch file here, into the Zandronum folder.
  • Zandronum, and all the WAD files need to be in the same directory for this command or batch file to work.

Map Rotation:

The below maps are installed. If a vote for a change map is called, the server will jump to the next map in the rotation, it won't jump to the map specified in the vote. So the name of the map in the change map vote doesn't matter, as long as it's not blank.

  • Original Doom 2 Levels
    • map01 map02 map03 map04 map05 map06 map07 map08 map09 map10 map11 map12 map13 map14 map15 map16 map17 map18 map19 map20 map21 map22 map23 map24 map25 map26 map27 map28 map29 map30 map31
  • Maps of Chaos Doom 1 Levels (Added on 7/4/2016)
    • e1m1 e1m2 e1m3 e1m4 e1m5 e1m6 e1m7 e1m8 e1m9 e2m1 e2m2 e2m3 e2m4 e2m5 e1m6 e2m7 e2m8 e2m9 e3m1 e3m2 e3m3 e3m4 e3m5 e3m6 e3m7 e3m8 e3m9
  • Maps of Chaos Doom 2 Levels (Added on 7/4/2016)
    • moc01 moc02 moc03 moc04 moc05 moc06 moc07 moc08 moc09 moc10 moc11 moc12 moc13 moc14 moc15 moc16 moc17 moc18 moc19 moc20 moc21 moc22 moc23 moc24 moc25 moc26 moc27 moc28 moc29 moc30 moc31 moc32
  • Chest Collection 1 Levels (Added on 7/4/2016)
    • cc01 cc02 cc03 cc04 cc05 cc06 cc07 cc08 cc09 cc10 cc11 cc12 cc13 cc14 cc15 cc16 cc17 cc17a cc19 cc20 cc21 cc22 cc23 cc24 cc25 cc26 cc27 cc28 cc29 cc30 cc31 cc32
  • Doom Reloaded Levels (Added on 7/7/2016)
    • rel01 rel02 rel03 rel04 rel05 rel06 rel07 rel08 rel09 rel11 rel12 rel13 rel14 rel15 rel16 rel17 rel19 rel20 rel21 rel22 rel23 rel24 rel25 rel26 rel27 rel28 rel29 rel30 rel31 rel32
  • Mayhem 1500 Levels (Added on 7/10/2016)
    • may01 may02 may03 may04 may05 may06 may07 may08 may09 may10 may11 may12 may13 may14 may15 may16 may17 may18 may19 may20 may21 may22 may23 may24 may25 may26 may27 may28 may29 may30 may31 may32 may33 may34
  • Chest Collection 2 Levels (Added on 7/10/2016)
    • cc201 cc202 cc203 cc204 cc205 cc206 cc207 cc208 cc209 cc210 cc211 cc212 cc213 cc214 cc215 cc216 cc217 cc218 cc219 cc220 cc221 cc222 cc223 cc224 cc225 cc226 cc227 cc228 cc229 cc230 cc231 cc232
  • Memento Mori Levels (Added on 7/24/2016)
    • mm101 mm103 mm104 mm105 mm106 mm109 mm111 mm113 mm114 mm115 mm116 mm117 mm118 mm119 mm121 mm122 mm123 mm124 mm125 mm126 mm127 mm132
  • Memento Mori II Levels (Added on 7/24/2016)
    • mm201 mm202 mm205 mm206 mm207 mm208 mm209 mm210 mm211 mm212 mm213 mm214 mm215 mm216 mm217 mm218 mm219 mm220 mm221 mm222 mm223 mm224 mm225 mm226 mm228 mm231 mm232
  • Jenesis Levels (Added on 7/24/2016)
    • jen01 jen02 jen03 jen04 jen05 jen06 jen07 jen08 jen09 jen10 jen11 jen12 jen13 jen14 jen15 jen16 jen17 jen18 jen19 jen20 jen21 jen22 jen23 jen24 jen25 jen26 jen27 jen28 jen29 jen30 jen31 jen32
  • Eviltech Levels (Added on 7/27/2016)
    • evt01 evt02 evt03 evt04 evt05 evt06 evt07 evt08 evt09 evt10 evt11 evt12 evt13 evt15 evt16 evt17 evt18 evt19 evt20 evt21 evt22 evt23 evt24 evt25 evt26 evt27 evt28 evt29 evt30 evt32 evt34
  • Mano Laikas Levels (Added on 7/27/2016)
    • man01 man02 man03 man04 man05 man06 man07 man08 man09 man10 man11 man12 man13 man14 man15 man16 man17 man18 man19 man20 man21 man22 man23 man24 man25 man26 man27 man28 man29 man30 man31
  • Doom II the Way ID Did Levels (Added on 7/30/2016)
    • tw201 tw202 tw203 tw204 tw205 tw206 tw207 tw208 tw209 tw210 tw211 tw212 tw213 tw214 tw215 tw216 tw217 tw218 tw219 tw220 tw221 tw223 tw224 tw225 tw226 tw227 tw228 tw229 tw230 tw231 tw233
  • Scythe Levels (Added on 8/7/2016)
    • sc101 sc102 sc103 sc104 sc105 sc106 sc108 sc109 sc110 sc111 sc112 sc113 sc114 sc115 sc116 sc117 sc118 sc119 sc120 sc121 sc123 sc124 sc125 sc126 sc127 sc128 sc129 sc130 sc131 sc132
  • Mini-level Megawad Levels (Added on 8/15/2016)
    • mlm01 mlm02 mlm03 mlm04 mlm05 mlm06 mlm08 mlm09 mlm10 mlm11 mlm12 mlm13 mlm14 mlm15 mlm16 mlm17 mlm18 mlm19 mlm20 mlm21 mlm23 mlm24 mlm25 mlm26 mlm27 mlm28 mlm29 mlm30 mlm31 mlm32
  • Niveles Levels (Added on 8/15/2016)
    • niv01 niv02 niv03 niv04 niv05 niv06 niv08 niv09 niv10 niv11 niv12 niv13 niv14 niv15 niv16 niv17 niv18 niv19 niv20 niv21 niv23 niv24 niv25 niv26
  • Zone300 Levels (Added on 8/15/2016)
    • zon01 zon02 zon03 zon04 zon05 zon06 zon08 zon09 zon10 zon11 zon12 zon13 zon14 zon15 zon16 zon17 zon18 zon19 zon20 zon21 zon23 zon24 zon25 zon26 zon27 zon28 zon29 zon30 zon31 zon32
  • Hellbound Levels (Added on 9/4/2016)
    • hlb01 hlb02 hlb03 hlb04 hlb05 hlb06 hlb08 hlb09 hlb10 hlb11 hlb12 hlb13 hlb14 hlb15 hlb16 hlb18 hlb19 hlb20 hlb21 hlb23 hlb24 hlb25 hlb26 hlb27 hlb28 hlb30 hlb31 hlb32
  • Doom-32 Levels (Added on 9/4/2016)
    • dtt01 dtt02 dtt03 dtt04 dtt05 dtt06 dtt08 dtt09 dtt10 dtt11 dtt12 dtt13 dtt14 dtt15 dtt16 dtt17 dtt18 dtt19 dtt20 dtt21 dtt23 dtt24 dtt25 dtt26 dtt27 dtt28 dtt29 dtt30 dtt31 dtt32
  • NOVA Levels (Added on 9/4/2016)
    • nov01 nov02 nov03 nov04 nov05 nov06 nov08 nov09 nov10 nov11 nov12 nov13 nov14 nov15 nov16 nov17 nov18 nov19 nov20 nov21 nov23 nov24 nov25 nov26 nov27 nov28 nov29 nov32
  • And The Bloodshed Began Levels (Added on 9/4/2016)
    • atb01 atb02 atb03 atb04 atb05 atb06 atb08 atb09 atb10 atb11 atb12 atb13 atb14 atb15 atb16 atb17 atb18 atb19 atb20 atb21 atb23 atb24 atb25 atb26 atb27 atb28 atb29 atb30 atb31 atb32 atb33 atb34 atb35 atb36